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Yoga *in English*

Hatha Yoga - Hatha is the yoga practice of balance. Hatha shows us how important it is to balance mind, body and soul for complete and overall health and wellbeiing. Classes are more basic and gentle with a focus on alignment, and physical and mental benefits of each pose. Hatha is the perfect choice for novice yogi.

Gentle Vinyasa Yoga - First the focus is on being present and the awareness of your breath. Then comes
movement, lead by the breath. Contrary to classic Vinyasa or Flow Yoga, Gentle Yoga is less about  acrobatic poses and more about arriving in your own body. We create a space where you’re encouraged to bring more awareness into your body. During the practice we’ll utilise poses which help keep the focus on your breath and your own body. Every body is different, and therefore we’ll aim to let go of common
preconceptions of how poses should look like from the outside. It is not purely a workout but about variations of movement that will support your awareness for your body.
Yoga enhances strength, endurance, flexibility as well as concentration — the meditative approach to supporting feelings of inner balance and serenity.


For hygienic reasons, we recommend that you bring your own yoga mat. Mats are available free of charge in the course room if you put your own towel on them.

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