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Yoga (in English) NEU

Combining energizing Yoga-movements with the ZEN-practice of mindfulness this Yoga class helps the body to release the stagnant energy and transform it into well-being. In class you experience a mixture of various body postures (asanas), energy (Qi) exercises, mindful breathwork, self-massage, meditation, Qigong, meridian stretching and Daoyin exercises. A body and mind training that lifts your vibration energy! The practice is very well suited for beginners, as well as for all advanced with the Beginner’s Mind.

Aktuelle Angebote - Sommersemester 2017
Details Datum Tag Uhrzeit Sportstätte Übungsleiter Entgelt Buchung
Derzeit kein Angebot vorhanden.
A1-A2(P) 21.04.-07.07. Fr Freitag 19:00-20:30 Sita Tara Weronika Salach €10/14/14/18
10,00 €
Studierende der kooperierenden Hochschulen
14,00 €
Beschäftigte und Azubis der kooperierenden Hochschulen
14,00 €
TU-Alumni, Studierende anderer Hochschulen, Schüler/innen, externe Azubis
18,00 €