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Apnoe - Basic Freediver *NEU*

Your PADI Freediver Programm starts with the basic freediver course that introduce, refine and develop your free diving abilities.

You can get a certification at each Level, if you successfully met all performance requirements.

During your freediving course you get trained to dive into your limits and to dive in conditions they are similar or better than in witch you were trained. During knowledge development you lern the principles and information you were put into practice as a Freediver. In every course you lern to extend your personal limits while staying with in them.  Free diving is not about force. It’s about inward power, discipline and control, so you can find the deep relaxation during your dive.

Compared to casual snorkeling Freediving is a distinct under water sport that emphasis learning about your self to physical and mental performance. Apnea is the state of holding your breath. Outside of training and competition you can participate in free diving buy combining your dynamic and constant weight skills to explore. Free diving moves you to the under water world like you belong there. Free diving makes you lern about your self, your body and how you think. It is a journey with your self, to know your self, to keep fit and grow. 

3 Units Theory: Freediving basics, statics and dynamics:

  • preparation stretching and breathing
  • safe Freediving with Backup Exercises (in Pool)
  • statics + conducting training CO2 Table (in Pool)
  • preparing for dynamic diving (in the pool)
  • dynamics / distance diving (in the pool)

Time schedule:
Friday 18: 00-22: 00; Saturday 12: 00-18: 00; Sunday 9: 00-12: 00

Basic skills in swimming (breaststroke or experience in swimming with fins).

For services received before the cancellation deadline (theory material), a partial course fee must be paid in the case of a resignation.

Bitte mitbringen

  • food and drinks, but no glass bottles in the pool area!
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