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Acting for camera

This course will cover different aspects of camera acting.
Some of the ones we will go through are:
- warm-up exercises for your body & voice  
- build up(beginners)
- or complement(those with previous experience)your acting “tool box”
- how to bring life to scripted scenes      
- discover what works on screen and what works maybe … a little bit less ;)
- comprehensive rehearsals and the actual filming  

Class is mainly held in English, yet, you can choose if you want to act in English or German.
Texts will be provided. If, however, you are also inspired to write your own lines, feel free to bring them along (preferably 2-3 characters playing, German or English).

As a small final note:  ‘scripts’ mean ‘fun’, but also do they mean you will need to plan in some extra time to memorise the lines!   Just saying …

See you there!  : )  


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Aktuelle Angebote - Wintersemester 2017/2018
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A-F offen für alle 17.10.-12.12. Di Dienstag 20:30-22:30 TU-Sportzentrum Dovestr. 6 (Seminarraum) Belinda Faust €30/40/40/50
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Studierende der kooperierenden Hochschulen
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Beschäftigte und Azubis der kooperierenden Hochschulen
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