Facility Use Policy TU-Fitness Studio

Fitness Studio staff are official representatives of TU Sport (ZEH). All patrons are expected to abide by the decisions and instructions of the Fitness Studio staff. Failure to do so may result in a ban from the facility. In cases of conflict, Fitness Studio staff are authorized to confiscate your training permit until the situation has been resolved by the ZEH.

General information

  • Bags, glass of any kind (bottles, drinking glasses, etc), and food are not permitted in the training area.
  • Only staff are permitted behind the reception desk. Reaching across the reception desk is prohibited.
  • It is not permitted to reserve training equipment for yourself or others.
  • All patrons are expected to show consideration for one another while using the facility.
  • Read and adhere to all signs or postings in the training area, entryway, and changing rooms.
  • Patrons are liable for any damages resulting from failure to comply with the facility use policy.
  • The consumption and trade of controlled, doping or other illegal substances, as well as the consumption of alcoholic beverages, is strictly prohibited in the entire fitness studio and premises.

Hygiene and clothing

  • Please change your clothes in the locker room.
  • Use a large hand towel when training to ensure that padded surfaces and mats are clean and not covered in sweat after use. Disinfect all cardio equipment directly after use.
  • Clean closed-toed athletic shoes not previously worn outdoors must be worn in the training area. Exceptions to this are only permitted with the prior agreement of facility staff.
  • Wear clean athletic clothing.
  • All patrons must wear a top/shirt while training.

Arrival and departure

  • Admission to the Fitness Studio for training ends 30 minutes before the facility closes.
  • The current opening and closing times apply to the changing rooms.
  • Patrons should plan their workout accordingly to allow time to leave by closing, including any time needed to shower and change.

Locker use

  • Patrons may only use lockers while training. Any unauthorized occupied lockers will be emptied by the staff. Broken locks will not be replaced.
  • The use of lockers is at your own risk. ZEH is not liable in case of break-ins and theft. Please use the lockers designated for valuables in the entry area of the Fitness Studio.

Equipment use including cardio and strength training equipment

  • In order to prevent accidents, protect all studio equipment and show consideration for others, patrons are to observe instructions given by personnel as well as the posted information when using the training area and any equipment.
  • With the exception of the dumbbell benches, patrons are not permitted to move cardio and strength training equipment including the barbell training stations.
  • Do not use equipment other than for its intended purpose.

Free weight area

  • Patrons must complete safety training on proper barbell use before using the equipment.
  • Patrons must sign and confirm that they have understood and will observe the rules and guidelines.
  • Exceptions to this are only permitted with the prior agreement of facility staff.

Right to use

  • Participation in open training is only permitted with proof of proper qualification and valid booking. Patrons are required to present their training ID/permit unprompted upon arrival.
  • Patrons are liable for any misuse of the training ID. The training ID is not transferable. The ID will be confiscated without compensation and invalidated in the event a person other than yourself attempts to use it to gain entry to the Fitness Studio.
  • If you object to the storage of your photo in our booking system, you may also present a photo ID together with your training ID unprompted to allow staff to confirm your identity.
  • A replacement can be issued for a fee in case of loss.


  • Minors aged 16 or older may train unsupervised with a written declaration of consent from their parent or guardian.