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All about the course programme

Participants are not entitled to rebook or cancel a binding booking for a university sports class. In justified exceptional cases, ZEH reserves the right to make exceptions as a gesture of goodwill.
Separate regulations apply to competitive events and excursions.

If there is only one appointment, you can simply skip it and attend the next appointment. If it is the first course date, please check the course programme to see whether the first date is mandatory, e.g. for instruction, and whether it is therefore no longer possible to take part from the second date.

If the cancellation is for a longer period of time, please note our provisions in the conditions of participation, point 5.


Click above the booking table to switch between the semester and holiday offers.

It is not possible to visit a class spontanously free of charge. Only registered persons can take part in the university sports classes. However, individual appointments can be booked for some courses. Please check the course page of the respective course.


With a valid confirmation of enrolment, the course place is blocked and does not expire. In some sports, however, attendance is compulsory for the first few lessons. It is essential to follow the instructions for the respective sport. We generally recommend regular attendance. Please check the course page for further information.

Level 1 | basic knowledge, first steps
Level 2 | deepening, expanding basic knowledge
Level 3 | imparting specific knowledge
Level 4 | expand, consolidate specific knowledge

In principle, yes. However, in some courses (e.g. beginners' courses where the content builds on each other), it does not make sense to join later. I some classe you have to be there in the first session due to security reasons. If in doubt, please always contact the responsible sports organiser directly.

If someone is booked on the waiting list, all those who have done so for this course will be notified by e-mail when a place becomes available.The first person to book the course on the basis of this e-mail list will receive a course confirmation. It is therefore not a ranking system.

The courses will be activated on the specified date and time. Please check our homepage for the exact time of the booking start, which we will announce in advance.

If a single appointment of a booked course is cancelled at short notice, ZEH will endeavour to provide an alternative date. However, there is no entitlement to a refund of the participation fee for single appointments: See also point 6 of our conditions of participation.

No. Under no circumstances may a booked course be passed on to someone else. This is for insurance reasons (e.g. important in the event of injuries, accidents etc.).

The confirmation of registration, which is sent to you by e-mail when you book, states exactly in which sports centre/hall the respective offer takes place. So please make sure you read this again carefully before the first date.

All these questions will happily be answered by our staff at the gyms.

Our range of courses is constantly being updated and expanded. All currently bookable courses are described on our website and can also be booked directly. To look forward to new courses and the latest news, please subscribe to our newsletter.

No, unfortunately this is not possible, as there is no insurance cover for free practice and games. The risk of injury, especially in martial arts courses, is simply too high.

Please contact the caretaker of the relevant sports centre directly.

For the main TU halls, please contact the central TU lost and found office.

Rules of behaviour are clearly visible in the halls. The "house rules" can be found at the respective sports centre and in the general terms and conditions. There are currently no specific additional hygiene regulations.

Yes, the car park can be used during the course.

Status and tariffs

In many sports, the fee is reduced halfway through the course. When booking a course online, the current rate is always displayed.

If you have studied at the TU and graduated, you can register as an alumni with the Pressestelle der TU . You can only use our sports programme with the status of registered TU Berlin alumni once your registration has been certified by the Press Office. Degrees from other universities are not valid.

The university sports programme is primarily aimed at members of the cooperating universities. Members of the universities are those persons named in accordance with §43 of the Berlin Higher Education Act. Alumni and external participants must expect that registration for individual programmes will start later, provided that there is still capacity available, see also point 2 of your conditions of participation, Teilnahmebedingungen.

Direct debits & return debits

You can find the terms of conditions here:


SEPA Direct Debit Scheme (SEPA-Lastschriftverfahren)

The SEPA Direct Debit Scheme is an EU-wide standard for direct debits. The payee, in this case TU Sport, initiates the booking - not the payer. When booking a course, the payee, i.e. TU Sport, is authorised to collect the money.

SEPA Direct Debit Mandate (SEPA-Lastschriftmandat)

Consent is required so that we can collect the course fee by SEPA core direct debit. This is done in the form of the SEPA direct debit mandate. This authorises us to collect the course fees due when you book a course.

Participating banks and countries

With SEPA, the Single Euro Payments Area, new, Europe-wide standardised procedures for cashless payment transactions (transfers, direct debits, card payments) have also been introduced in Germany. They can be used for euro payments in the 27 EU member states, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Monaco, Switzerland, San Marino, Andorra, the Vatican City State and the United Kingdom. It is advisable to check whether the bank participates in the SEPA procedure before making a booking.

Each SEPA Direct Debit Mandate must contain the following information

  • name of the institution receiving the payment
  • a creditor identification number (CI),
  • name of the customer (paying person),
  • the name of the customer's bank (payer) and
  • customer identification number (IBAN).

If the bank is unable to transfer the course fee to us by direct debit (e.g. because the account does not have sufficient funds), the bank may charge us a chargeback fee. As the direct debit procedure was agreed to when the course was booked, we will transfer the chargeback fees to the person who made the course booking in addition to the outstanding course fee. You are responsible for ensuring that the direct debit is possible (that the account is covered) when the order is placed with us when the course is booked. The amount of the fees is determined by your bank. We have no influence on this.

The course fee is usually debited 7 days before the start of the course. In exceptional cases, it may be debited at a later date. We will send an e-mail reminding you that the money will be debited before the amount is debited. It must be ensured that there are sufficient funds in the account.

No! There are no subscriptions at TU-Sport. The booking is always only valid for the period specified at the time of booking. We may not collect the money for the course from the previous semester until the following semester. This sometimes happens. The fee is therefore still from the previous semester. There is no long-term membership with us that has to be cancelled.

General questions about the boathouse

If you already had the relevant hire authorisation in the previous year, you only need to extend it for the next water sports season online via the TU Sport website (buy a season ticket). This is because the season ticket (for rowing and sailing it is a sticker on the hire card) loses its validity at the end of each boathouse season.
As a general rule, courses in all sports take precedence over free hire. The boats in the fleet are initially allocated to course participants. If there are boats left, you may hire them.

You must acquire the appropriate borrowing authorisation. You will receive the borrowing authorisation after you have successfully completed a corresponding instruction course. The responsible course instructor decides whether a course has been successfully completed.
Regardless of previous experience, participation in one of the following courses is required for the sailing hire authorisation „Einführungskurse zur freien Ausleihe“

The boathosue is closed during the winter. We will inform you on our website when the boathouse opens again.


Courses and hire at the boathouse

No, when you hire a SUP each person needs a rental authorisation because only one person is allowed per board. Please note: You must be 18 years old to purchase a rental authorisation. This means you can not SUP with your underage child. However, it is possible to paddle in a hiking dinghy (Wanderzweier) or canoe.

Co-paddlers in pairs do not require a paddling licence and do not pay an additional fee, but the borrower is liable for their safety and any damage caused by them.

Our paddle wetsuits are only available for course use. They are excluded from free hire.

No, this is not necessary, as we are in regular dialogue with both universities and have jointly defined the basic lending requirements.

Yes, an introductory course is a prerequisite for borrowing equipment from us, as it also provides important basic knowledge about the borrowing conditions at our boathouse and the local area.


Participation in the rowing meeting is not possible with the "free rowing hire" ( „freien Ausleihe Rudern“) booking.

For safety reasons, boats will not be issued in water temperatures below 6 degrees Celsius and in storm/thunderstorms and heavy swell.

Only those who hold an S licence (coxswain's licence) (S-Schein, Steuerfrau/mann-Schein) are entitled to borrow crew boats freely.


Please find an overview of boats in this table

To hire sailing boats from us at the boathouse, you must attend this course once. The prerequisite is an inland boating licence. If you have taken an A2 course (refresher course) with us, you do not need to attend the introductory course.

The carrying of life jackets or life jackets for the entire boat crew is mandatory.

No, mooring and unmooring under sail at the jetties of the TU boathouse is strictly prohibited.

No sailing boats will be issued if the wind force is greater than 6 Beaufort. If the trip is cancelled due to calm (less than 2 Beaufort) or strong winds, this will be noted by the boathouse staff. The hirer can then book an alternative date. A cash refund is not possible.
The last weather report before the rental date (FU Berlin weather station) is decisive for the corresponding regulation.
The sailor is also entitled to a credit note if the boathouse staff refuses the booking for technical, organisational or other reasons.
There are no refunds for shortened journeys, even if this is due to weather conditions.

Important: The boat attendants will decide on site at the start of the hire whether the weather conditions are suitable for sailing.

The maximum hire period is 5 hours (only 4 hours at weekends). If the hire period is exceeded, the additional costs incurred by the boathouse staff will be charged to the person responsible.

In the event of a delay, every effort must be made to inform the boathouse staff immediately by telephone or through other persons (motorboats, police). If the hire times are exceeded, the additional costs incurred by the boathouse staff will be charged to the person responsible.

In the event of an accident, every effort must be made to inform the boathouse staff immediately by telephone or through other persons (motorboats, police).


Participants are liable for all damage caused intentionally or through negligence to the full extent of the replacement value. Liability and hull insurance has been taken out for the sailing boats with the fire insurance company (Haftpflicht- und Kaskoversicherung bei der Feuersozietät) in order to minimise the risk for the sailors. The payment made by TU-Sport is passed on to the sailors. TU-Sport therefore charges a fee for the sailing licence. In the event of an accident caused by the hirer, the damage to the other party's boat will be covered by our insurance. However, it must be ensured that the insurance company checks in each individual case whether the cause of the damage is within the scope of the agreed regulations. This means, among other things, that the borrower may have to make advance payment to ZEH before the insured event is definitively concluded. The borrower is also responsible for recourse if the damage was culpably caused by a third party.

No, you are free to decide when you pick up your sailing boat and set sail. But make sure that you do not exceed your hire period.

Notes on the training

The inland recreational boating licence is an official licence that you can obtain after successfully completing the inland recreational boating licence examination. "Inland" defines the scope of the inland waterways. The inland sports boat licence can be obtained under sail, with a propulsion engine (motor) or with a propulsion engine and under sail. The examination for the SBF Binnen consists of a written theoretical and a practical examination for all types of propulsion.

There is also the "Sea" area of validity. For more information on the licences, please visit the pages of the Berlin examination board.

On inland waterways, the recreational craft licence is mandatory for vessels under 20 metres in length (without rudder and bowsprit) and/or with a power output greater than 11.03 kW (15 hp). On the Rhine, it is mandatory for vessels under 15 metres in length and/or with a net power of more than 3.68 kW (5 hp); in Berlin and Brandenburg, it is also mandatory for pleasure craft under sail on certain inland waterways.

The SBF Binnen is the basic requirement for hiring sailing boats from us at the boathouse.

Because the examination for the inland boating licence consists of practical and theoretical parts, you must prepare for both. Please book a basic sailing course. This course consists of 10 sessions of 5 hours each. Each session begins with a theoretical briefing lasting about half an hour. Both week-long and weekend courses are available. In this course, our instructors will prepare you for your practical sailing test. We also regularly offer theory courses in which you will be prepared for the theory exam for sailing and propulsion (engine).

As we do not offer motorboat training for organisational and ecological reasons, you can only do your practical sailing training with us and then only your practical sailing exam. Preparation for the practical motorboat exam is therefore carried out in cooperation with the FU Berlin University Sports Centre at Badeweg 3. At least four appointments of one individual lesson each must be booked online to make an appointment for the practical lessons. The practical lessons on the FU motorboats are a prerequisite for admission to the SBF Binnen examination. A maximum of two participants can be trained per appointment. You can book the training dates online via the FU Berlin website (

No, the theory course is not compulsory. You can also prepare for the theory test on your own using books or apps.

If you still feel unsure after your sailing course and want/need to continue learning, we offer five-hour practice sessions. You can also book these via our website.

Um dich zur Prüfung anzumelden, besuche bitte die Seiten des und suche dir deinen Wunschprüfungstermin heraus. Die weitere Anmeldung erfolgt dann online über die Seiten des Prüfungsausschusses. Jetzt musst du dich nur noch online in unsere eintragen.

To register for the exam, please visit the website of the Berlin Examination Board Prüfungsausschusses Berlin and select your preferred exam date. You can then register online via the Examination Board website. Now all you have to do is register online in our examination list  Prüfungsliste


A doctor will carry out the examination at the boathouse on certain dates and issue the necessary certificate for €10. To simplify coordination on site, please book an appointment free of charge.

Alternatively, you will need a "Medical certificate for sport boat licence applicants" issued by an ophthalmologist confirming sufficient visual acuity and colour discrimination. The Karsten/Hamm/Klose group practice ( also offers the examination at a reasonable price.

The amount of the examination fee depends on the type of examination. Different costs are incurred depending on whether only the "under sail" or "under sail and with propulsion engine" part of the exam is to be taken.

You can find an examination fee calculator (Prüfungsgebühren-Rechner) on the website of the Berlin Examination Board.

If you register for the inland navigation examination under sail, your examination will take place on one day. If you choose the option under sail and with a motorised engine, your exam will take place over two days because the motorboat part will be held at the FU Berlin. The theory exam for sailing and motor will take place at the TU boathouse on the day of the practical sailing exam.

Bank details of the examination board Berlin:

IBAN: DE98 1007 0000 0623 3423 00
Name: Deutsche Bank Berlin

Cancellations must be sent in writing directly to the Berlin Examination Board of the German Sailing Association c/o Markus Thromka, Gartenfelder Straße 29-37, 13599 Berlin-Haselhorst.

The Level 1 basic course is a prerequisite for the examination. All practical skills are taught in this course. If there are still uncertainties after the course, we offer further practice dates.


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