About TU-Sport

Are you interested in staying fit and active, making new friends or maybe learning a new sport while studying at the TU Berlin? TU Sport welcomes you to join in a huge range of sport and recreation activities both on-campus and off-campus.

TU Sport provides students, employees and alumni of the universities and university colleges in Berlin with a variety of sportrelated activities that suit all level of interest and abilities. From time to time we also offer sportspecic workshops, where you can try out new activities or deepen your knowledge and skills in a particular sport. TU Sport is the perfect opportunity to take a break from studying, get (back) into action, meet new people and have a lot of fun! With more than 900 courses in about 120 different sports every year we are sure to have the right course for you.

All courses need to be booked in Enrolment advance. All bookings must be paid for at time of booking. All courses can be booked online or at the TU Sport Office. Enrolment in courses is on a first come first serve basis. To register and pay the participation fee online a bank account is required. Winter term sports courses start in the middle of October end in the middle of February. Registration opens in the beginning of October. Summer term sports courses start in the middle of April and end in the middle of July. Registration opens in the beginning of April.

You have more specific questions? Then refer to our FAQ in English: FAQ in English

Sports Programm

Fitness classes

Hit the pool for a great cross-training workout and provide your body with a uniquely different form ofexercise in one of our aqua- t courses. Or gain exibility, strength and endurance in our aerobic or NIA® classes. We offer classes for all levels of ability, from complete beginners to those who exercise more regularly. Sign up and have a go!


Discover the heavenly benefits of the healing art of massage while enjoying a massage in your lunch break or after work.

Martial arts

A better working body, a more focused mind, a stronger sense of self condence and the ability to physically defend yourself - these all are benefits of practicing martial arts. The styles may differ but the benefits remain the same.

Water sports

Water Sports offer some of the most adventurous activities. Improve your balance, build strength and paddle into a refreshing adventure in one of our stand-up-paddle boarding courses. Or why not explore the surroundings of Berlin by canoe, rowing boat or sailing boat? We guarantee you a refreshing and unforgettable experience and a lot of fun!

Recreational sports

Need a break from your busy schedule? Our sports program offers a variety of classes designed to improve your physical and mental well-being. Strengthen your posture through spinal exercises or enjoy a total mind and body workout in one of our yoga or Pilates classes.

Individual sports

Enjoy a round of golf, learn how to bounce in style on the trampoline or release your inner Robin Hood at one of our archery classes. TU Sport has a huge range of fun and active individual sports classes to get you motivated and moving. Come along and find out more!


Maximum flexibility - train several times a week with one ticket. Put together your own individual training plan to suit your needs. You decide which class you want to attend and when. From Monday to Friday, we offer you a colorful mix of fitness, health and dance, power and relaxation at different times of the day.

Ball games, team, racket sports

Our sports program includes a wide range of popular team and racket sports such as volleyball, basketball, soccer, table tennis and badminton, but also trend sports like ultimate frisbee and touch rugby. Whether you’re male or female, an experienced player or just looking to get more active, new players are always welcome.


Get ready to swing around the dance oor with grace while getting a workout and having fun at the same time. We give you the opportunity to learn the basics of different types of dances, for example hip hop, modern dance or ballroom dances. Let’s dance!

Conditions of Participation as of Monday, 15.04.2024

These conditions of participation apply to the entire range of sports offered by the University Sports Center at Technische Universität Berlin (ZEH).

ZEH's sports offers includes courses, workshops, free play and practice, competitive events, individual loan of sports equipment, training courses and excursions.

ZEH’s sports offers are primarily intended for members of the cooperating universities and are subject to a fee. University members are those groups of persons listed in Section 43 (1) of the Berlin State Higher Education Act.


2.1 Fee groups
All individuals in fee groups one to four are eligible to participate in ZEH’s sports program:
•    Fee group 1: Students and trainees at TU Berlin and all cooperating universities
•    Fee group 2: Employees of TU Berlin and all cooperating universities
•    Fee group 3: Registered TU alumni, students at other universities, school students, external trainees, and members of the Society of Friends of TU Berlin e.V.
•    Fee group 4: Individuals who do not belong to any of the fee groups named above (external users)

For offers where there is a high demand, preference is given to persons in groups 1 and 2. Registration will only be open to persons from fee groups 3 and 4 at a later date if places are still available.

Fees are based on which fee group participants belong to. Berlin’s district authorities charge an additional fee for the use of communal sports facilities for persons who are not members of Berlin’s universities as defined in Section 43 (1) of the Berlin State Higher Education Act, in other words fee groups 3 and 4. This additional fee is already included in the fee charged for members of groups 3 and 4.


The minimum age for participating in sports offers is 18.
In exceptional cases, minors (e.g. students who are under 18) can participate in the offers with the prior agreement of the ZEH service office.
For offers where the target groups are families or children, different rules apply, which can be found on the ZEH website.



Prior registration and payment are required for all ZEH offers.

By registering for a ZEH offer, participants accept the conditions of participation and confirm that they are fit to take part in sports.

Registration and payment (via SEPA direct debit payment) for all sport offers are carried out online via the ZEH website. By registering, you agree to pay the fee and provide your consent for the fee to be withdrawn.

Participants receive a notification at least 6 days in advance of the scheduled payment withdrawal to the email address provided. The debiting of the fee is independent of the registration date and the start of the offer. The debit may occur at a later date.

Registration is only completed once the fee has been paid in full. The fee must be paid in full (including any bank charges and processing fees pursuant to 4.6.1) before participating in the offer.

Participants are to provide full and accurate information when registering. ZEH reserves the right to exclude anyone providing false information from the entire TU Sport program and to charge them for any costs incurred.

Bank charges arising from incorrectly entered bank details or as a result of insufficient funds to cover the transfer plus an additional processing fee of 5.00 euros will be automatically added to the participation fee and are to be paid by the participant.

Participants registering with the incorrect status group are required to pay the difference plus a processing fee of 5.00 euros. The difference and the processing fee will be collected by SEPA direct debit from the account provided at the time of booking.

In the cases described in 4.6.1 and 4.6.2, participants are blocked from registering for any further sports offers until the bank fees, the processing fee, and the differential charge have been paid. This will be the case until all outstanding charges have been paid in full.

ZEH reserves the right to demand outstanding payments through judicial dunning proceedings.

Your registration may not be transferred to another person. Should the participant fail to respect this condition of registration, their eligibility may be revoked without reimbursement.

Participants are not entitled to re-book or withdraw from a binding booking of a ZEH offer. In justified exceptional cases, ZEH reserves the right to make exceptions for reasons of goodwill.
Separate rules apply for competitive events, excursions, and diving courses (see 10, 11, and 12).


Cancellation due to illness is subject to a separate review process depending on the booked offer. Participants shall notify ZEH of illness in writing without delay, at the latest within 10 days, by submitting a medical certificate indicating their inability to partake in sports. Upon confirmation by ZEH, the share of the fee payable before the start of the illness and the processing fee of 5.00 euros will be withheld.

Cancellation due to illness is not possible if less than half of the period of the offer remains.

ZEH reserves the right to change the instructor or facility for organizational reasons. In these cases, neither cancellation nor a fee reduction are permitted.

Participants do not have the right to cancel or re-book stand-alone offers, nor can they withdraw due to illness.

A re-booking must be requested in writing and is subject to the final decision of ZEH. There is no legal claim to this. Re-bookings must be made within the same semester. A processing fee of 5.00 euros is charged. The processing fee and the difference remaining for re-bookings to a more expensive offer shall be collected by SEPA direct debit from the account provided when booking. By re-booking, the participant consents to the direct debit charge. If a participant re-books for a cheaper offer, the difference is not refunded.

ZEH reserves the right to cancel an offer before the first session if there are insufficient registrations to cover the costs. In this case, ZEH will reimburse the full amount of the course fee.

If an offer is canceled after it has begun, participants will receive a pro-rata reimbursement.
If an individual session is canceled (e.g. the trainer is sick, the facility is closed, force majeure), ZEH will make every effort to schedule substitute appointments. However, participants will not be reimbursed for the canceled session(s).

All participants in ZEH sports offers are required to:
•    adhere to the regulations for using the sports facilities and event spaces,
•    bring confirmation of registration, student or staff ID, and a valid photo ID and present them upon request,
•    be present at the scheduled start time of the offer to ensure the offer runs smoothly and safely,
•    treat others with respect and consideration in training and athletic competitions,
•    possess the background and abilities stated in the description of the booked offer, and
•    to responsibly and appropriately handle the materials used,
•    to take note of emergency escape routes and signs for extinguishing agents and fire extinguishers,
•    to follow the orders of the instructors and staff on-site in the event of an emergency,
•    to report accidents to the instructors or staff on-site.
The following are prohibited:
•    open flames,
•    consuming alcohol and using of psychedelic drugs while partaking in sports and the possession and distribution thereof,
•    taking unauthorized persons into the facilities,
•    using sports equipment without first receiving explicit instructions.

Failure to observe the obligations stated in 7.1 will result in a participant's exclusion from all ZEH sports offers. Fees paid will not be refunded.

If the offer description includes information about mandatory participation in an orientation at the beginning of the offer and the participant fails to attend, they may be excluded from the offer without reimbursement.

Participants who overestimate their sporting abilities, who do not meet the stated criteria for participation in a sports program, or who do not provide required proof, and participants who do not have the required language skills stated in the sports program risk exclusion by ZEH with no right to reimbursement of the fee.

Participants are required to treat each other and the instructors with respect. In case of violation, ZEH is entitled to exclude participants from individual sessions of an offer. In the event of serious violations, ZEH reserves the right to exclude participants from further participation in the offer without entitlement to a refund of the fee.

The House Regulations of Technische Universität Berlin and the Facility Use Policies apply in their respective valid version.


Participation in ZEH offers is at participants’ own risk. By participating in an offer, the participant confirms that there are no concerns regarding their participation for reasons of health.

ZEH is not liable for damages incurred by the participants while participating in a ZEH sports offer.
This exclusion of liability does not apply to damages/injuries to life, body or health arising from an intentional or negligent breach of duty on the part of ZEH.

The participants are liable for all damages caused to ZEH either intentionally or as a result of negligence. For borrowed sports materials, the participants are liable for the full replacement value. All participants are recommended to take out liability insurance to cover any liability claims by third parties arising from personal injury or damage to property that may be caused by the participant in the course of sports activities.

ZEH is not liable for the loss of equipment or other objects, in particular objects of value, that go missing during an event, provided there is no gross negligence on the part of ZEH.


Correctly registered students and employees of the cooperating universities are insured against sports accidents by the Unfallkasse des Landes Berlin (Berlin Accident Insurance Fund) when participating in sports offers. No insurance coverage is provided by Unfallkasse Berlin if a participant fails to complete registration for the course.

Participants in fee groups 3 and 4 are not insured by Unfallkasse Berlin and are thus responsible for their own insurance coverage.

No insurance coverage is provided by Unfallkasse Berlin for free play and practice.

9.4 Accidents
Any accident that could lead to an insurance claim must be immediately communicated to the instructor on site and/or ZEH.


10.1 Insurance coverage
The Unfallkasse Berlin does not provide insurance coverage for competitive sports events regardless of the participant’s fee group.

10.2 Participation in adh events
ZEH enters TU members with suitable aptitude for competitive events hosted by the German University Sports Federation (adh). Participants must register with the ZEH competitive sports officer; registration is binding. Registered athletes who do not participate in the adh competition will be charged for the resulting costs by ZEH. The only exception to this regulation is a medical note regarding the person’s ability to participate in sports, which must be submitted to ZEH before the event begins. The fee stated on the registration page is a deposit for participation. It will be debited if the participant fails to appear without reason.

10.3 Participation in non-adh events
After formal review, ZEH enters interested individual athletes or teams for competitive sports events that are not part of the adh competition program. Registration is binding and the costs must be paid by the athletes should they not participate.

10.4 Kit loan
ZEH loans jerseys and pants with the ZEH logo to individual athletes or teams. These are to be returned freshly laundered and in full to ZEH. The purchase price of new items will be charged for lost or improperly used garments.


The ZEH conditions of participation remain in effect and are supplemented by the following:

11.1 General
ZEH excursions are designed as group offerings within the framework of university sports. Individual bookings are generally not possible. The date, program, and services are as stated on the website at the time of booking.

11.2 Withdrawal from excursions
Participants may withdraw their registration up until the start of the excursion. The date of receipt by ZEH is decisive in the event of a withdrawal. In the case of withdrawal, participants are required to pay the following costs: For withdrawal

  • from 60 days before the beginning of the excursion, 25% of the fee, minimum 30 euros,
  • from 30 days before the start of the excursion, 50% of the fee,
  • from 14 days before the start of the excursion, 90% of the fee.
  • In case of no-show, the full fee is due.

Cancellation insurance is not included in the fee.
Participants are responsible for organizing cancellation insurance or other insurance themselves if required.

Payments already made will be refunded minus the amounts owed under section 11.2.1.

11.3 Cancellation of the excursion by ZEH
If the planned number of participants is not achieved and increased costs result, ZEH reserves the right to cancel the excursion up to two weeks before it starts. Any fees already paid will be refunded in full.

ZEH reserves the right to cancel the excursion, even at short notice, if it is significantly impeded, endangered, or impaired by unforeseeable force majeure. Any fees already paid will be refunded in full.

Should the excursion be discontinued on site, the costs for services already rendered will be retained.



Tauchzentrale Kreuzberg runs diving courses on behalf of TU Sport. The ZEH conditions of participation remain in effect and are supplemented by the following:

12.1 Withdrawal
If a participant withdraws due to illness, they will incur costs due to the additional administrative and organizational work involved.
The date of receipt by ZEH is decisive for calculating the refund. For withdrawal:

•    More than 7 days before the start of the course, 20% of the fee will be retained. No further processing fees are due.
•    Less than 7 days before the start of the course, 20% of the fee and, if applicable, 50 euros for the online training material (if the training material has already been sent to the participant).
•    If a course has already started, a pro-rata refund will only be made if more than half of the course period is yet to take place.


Personal data is only collected by ZEH to the extent that the participants themselves provide it with their knowledge and is used exclusively for administration and contract processing. Data will only be passed on to third parties without the consent of the participants if ZEH is legally obliged to do so.

Participants are not permitted to make their own recordings (video, photo, etc.) during sports activities.

The cloud software Zoom is used for ZEH’s online offers. All relevant data protection information can be found on the TU Berlin website.


ZEH reserves the right to amend and adapt these conditions of participation and will inform participants of any changes. Participants can object in writing to the respective amendment or adaption within two weeks. Should no objection be received, the amendment or adaption is considered accepted.